Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Love!

I have been thinking about things that I love and I wanted to share. 

1. Sun bursting through my window in the morning

2. My beautiful children waking up happy 

3. Looking for houses and picturing my belongings there

4. Eating healthfully and feeding my kids healthy foods (if they'll eat them)

5. Rolling over in the night and getting a whiff of my clean-laundry smelling pillow

6. Claire's gigantic gummy smile

7. Titan's sweet spirit and the way he goes "ppptttthhh" to get my attention sometimes

8. When my husband laughs at my jokes and commentary

9. Getting up and making breakfast for Derek and eating it with him while the kids are still asleep

10. Finding bargains

11. Pictures 

12. Feeling connected with people. I LOOOOOVE Facebook and Blogs

13. Toaster Strudels 

14. Pinterest

15. My beta fish. He's my third baby

16. A clean house

17. Blankets, especially quilts

18. Being able to sleep with the windows open

19. A freshly vacuumed rug

20. Modern Family

21. The Draw Something app (Wanna play? Username is laurenslover08)

22. Friendly strangers

23. Free samples at Costco

24. A stocked up refrigerator and cupboards from a recent trip to the grocery store

25. Good music (Anyone else love Enya?)

26. The home section of Anthropologie (things normal people can actually afford and are cute)

27. When my kids play together and giggle. I die every time

28. Naps

29. Good books. Just finished Heaven Is Here and I'm a believer. I am currently reading The Book of Mormon. (Wanna read it with me? I started 4 days ago and I'm reading a chapter a day. I'm on 1st Nephi 4)

30. The weekends

This is just a small list of many things I love. The big things that I love the very most in my life are my family and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which allows me to live the happy life that I feel many people seek but never find. I don't usually get religious on my blogs or Facebook, but what better way is there to share the happiness I know than to put it up here for people to explore if they'd like to? Learn more here

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  1. I had the widows open last night and I loved it!

    You guys should come for pioneer day. Parade, firerworks, rodeo, crafts and things at the park. Plus you could get out of the heat and your kids would love it.