Sunday, August 12, 2012

All In A Flash.

Wow, does anyone else feel like time has been just zipping by?
Yesterday, I was pacing around my living room floor, waiting for baby Claire to make her way out of my dang stomach.
And today, she is over 6 months old! 
Yesterday Titan was smooshing a blue icing-topped cupcake into his mouth to celebrate his 2nd birthday, and today he wears Superman undies and goes potty in this own toilet. 
Yesterday we were unloading all of our goodies into multiple storage units until we found a place to live. And today we are looking at houses all the time, waiting to bid on just the right one in the next month or so. 
Yesterday we lived in Georgia, going on walks every morning and dropping off letters to our favorite dude in the mail.
Today, we have had Derek home for over 9 months. 
Yesterday, it was Christmastime. 
And now it's already almost time to decorate for Halloween!
Yesterday, I brought Claire home from the hospital. 
Today, she chomps down entire jars of bananas, sweet peas, and squash.
Yesterday, Titan couldn't talk very much. 
Today, he is the biggest gabber ever. (Lots of babbling. And back seat driving.)
Yesterday, Derek had a job he hated. 
Today, he has the best job he's ever had.
Yesterday, I was new to the college scene; a peppy, eager 18 year old.
Today, I'm 25 and a half. 
Yesterday, Derek and I met for the first time in a young adult ward at our church. 
Today, we've been married almost 4 years. 

Crazy how time flies. It's literally whooshing past us. I can almost feel it! One day these kids are going to be off at school and I'm not going to know what to do with myself. I hope it doesn't go by too quickly, but based on how fast life has been moving as of late, I can't assume it'll slow down! Just got to make sure I enjoy every minute. I sure do love my little family. 

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