Tuesday, November 12, 2013

25 Things You Didn't Know?

A few days ago, a friend of mine typed up a blog post on who she was, so I decided to do a similar post. 


1. I hate Classical music. It gives me headaches. 

2. I have had 8 teeth pulled, had braces for 3 years (and had them taken off early because "I was done with them"), had one chipped tooth, 2 root canals and a plethora of cavities.

3. I was hit in the eye with a Super Soaker when I was 8 and had my eyebrow busted open, resulting in 5 stitches. I also baseball slid a 150 cc dirt bike when I was 16, resulting in 5 more stitches in my arms and a lot of road rash. 

4. I kissed nearly 40 boys before marrying my husband. (Whoops.)

5. I love ice cream. But it always has to be vanilla based, never chocolate or strawberry.

6. Some real life dreams I've had include: Being a part of Motorcross, being a Firefighter, and being a politician. 

7. I love to eat. One of my older brother's friends in high school told me that I could out-eat him in a pizza eating contest. I agreed. 

8. Sudoku & 1000+ piece puzzles are relaxing to me. 

9. If it weren't so expensive & time consuming, I would be a body builder. The nasty, fake-tanned, overly buff, look-like-they-are-on-steroids type of body builder. That might be hard to do, considering I love to eat. Random fact: My father-in-law won Mr. Arizona back in the day. 

10. I have been obsessed with the universe/galaxy/solar system/stars/sky for as long as I remember. One day I hope to own my own telescope.

11. I don't like cell phones much. I hate learning how to use them, I hate how unreliable they are, and I hate how much money they cost to have every month. Half the time, I find myself wondering where my phone even is

12. I hate gossip. Unless you are among the 5 or so people that I consider myself extra close to, you won't hear me saying my honest, raw opinions on other people unless I feel confident that I would say them to the person's face. With that being said, if your name comes up negatively in conversation, chances are great that I will stand up for you. I don't gossip often, but I also don't tolerate it. 

13. I have only dyed my hair 3 or so times in my entire life. I'm also working towards cutting & donating my hair for the 4th time in 11 years. 

14. I'm a busy body. I'm not the type that sits on my couch to relax, or enjoys being in the shadows while others have fun. I'm always ready for adventure and I've been that way for as long as I can remember. Therefore, having infants was really hard for me, because I didn't like holding a newborn while I watched others have fun. I like to be in on the action. I also sit on my couch maybe 3 times in the entire 10 hours my husband is gone at work. I'm always up and doing things. It's a blessing and a curse.

15. I run my entire house. That includes paying bills, filing papers, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, dishes, seeding & mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, fixing things that break, organizing the garage, cleaning the cars (inside & out) and other odd jobs. 

16. I love clothes and fashion. But I'm picky. I also shop sales, always. I will shop at Goodwill, Walmart, Target, Nordstrom Rack, JCPenney & random local Thrift Shops as long as it means I find great things for great prices. I have a really "loud" sense of style. I've been that way for a long time! I'm the one that will wear things no one else will.

17. I am the opposite of a hoarder. I call myself a purger. I hate having too many things, so I am always looking to have only the things I need. After moving 13 times in 8 years, I realized I needed to only move my essentials. 

18. I cannot cook to save my life. When recipes come out right, I am so proud of myself. I have been known to start fires (Real ones. Ones that need fire extinguishers.) and set off smoke alarms on a regular basis. 

19. I don't drink soda often, and I used to really dislike it. 

20. I get anxiety when I babysit, and I reeeeeally don't like doing it. But I do it to serve, and to pay it forward for when I might need someone to babysit for me. That's strange, because I used to LOVE babysitting. 

21. I love school, and I'm so ready to go back! I have 3 semesters left, and I am a sucker for expanding my knowledge. 

22. I don't know how to do hair or make up. And I'm okay with that. I only spend a few minutes in front of the mirror every single day. 

23. I'm done having kids. There's a very slight chance we'll have another (or two if we get twins? My daughter was a twin and they run in the family) but we are 95% sure we are finished. A big family isn't for us, and we are perfectly fine with that.

24. I support Gay Marriage & equality. (Hot topic.)

25. I love to dress feminine-like, but I am very much a tom-boy at heart. I used to wear backwards hats to school (yikes). I love to play sports and get out my energy. I'm not a germophobe and I am not afraid to get dirt on my clothes or skinned up knees. I also love to ride motorcycles and hope to own my own at some point so my husband and I can ride together. Random fact: I've never broken a bone, despite my crazy ways.

I tried to pick out some of the things that many people don't know. I always like to get to know people better! Thanks Beth, for inspiring this post! I enjoyed thinking of things to write about.